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Navarino by boat

Visit the Sfaktiria island, make a tour along the 4 memorials referring to the famous Battle of Navarino. … Read More

Venetian Castles

An unique Venetian castle in the region situated directly at the beach,
ideal plan for a family outing. … Read More


The route is almost fairy tale-like during spring. Kids will love the rock climbing and path-finding. … Read More

Nestors Cave

Perfect morning hike: climb the castle and visit the cave where Hermes hid the cattle he stole from Apollo. … Read More

Nestors Palace at Hora

Archaeological site where you find remains of 3.000 years old palace with a remarkable intact bath tub. … Read More

Ancient Messini

A pleasant historical surprise that rivals with famous sites as the Acropolis, Epidaurus and Mystras. … Read More


The beautiful villages of Stemnitsana and Dimnitsana were built on the mountain side, and form an almost fairytale like sight. … Read More


Just follow the signs ‘Centre’ or ‘Kentro’ and park your car. The old town area is attractive with quite a few very nice shops. … Read More

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Methoni´s Venetian Castle catches the eye. Visit this beautiful castle and take your time, for it is bigger than you might think. Closed on Mondays, but open the rest of the week for just a small fee. Look … Read More